All bikes are delivered to you in good technical condition and are checked over with you before you take it off the lot. It is your responsibility to return the bike in the same condition as it was delivered to you.

In the case of damage, repair costs are very inexpensive, but you will be asked to reimburse us for any damage caused to the vehicle while in your care. We never charge you any more than is necessary for any damage incurred.

However, for a peace of mind, you may choose to purchase excess coverge at time of rental.

Covers damage to the insured vehicle, regardless of fault in case of accident.

Renter only responsible Up to deductible/excess amount.

(DOES NOT INCLUDE LOSS OF BIKE OR THEFT OR DAMAGE TO 3rd PARTY, property damage and bodily injury)

If there is an accident can claim Medical expenses up to ฿30,000

(Valid for 30 Days)
110cc-125cc3,000 Baht Deductible/Excess1,000 Baht
150cc-299cc5,000 Baht Deductible/Excess1,500 Baht
300cc-499cc10,000 Baht Deductible/Excess3,000 Baht
500cc-1000cc10,000 Baht Deductible/Excess5,000 Baht