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Sadun HamdiSadun Hamdi
12:19 06 Jul 24
I dealt with Mark to rent a motorcycle for 11 days. He was very good. He dealt with me with honesty, honesty and respect. I recommend dealing with himThank you markWe will deal with you again
10:17 02 Jun 24
I had an amazing experience with this scooter rental company in Phuket! From start to finish, everything was perfect. The booking process was smooth and hassle-free. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, providing us with all the necessary information and ensuring we were comfortable with the scooter before we set off.The scooters themselves were in excellent condition, clean, and well-maintained. We felt safe and secure throughout our rental period. The pricing was very reasonable, and there were no hidden fees or surprises.Exploring Phuket on a scooter was an incredible experience, and this company made it even better with their top-notch service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to rent a scooter in Phuket. They truly deserve 5 stars!
Quim alvarezQuim alvarez
10:01 02 Jun 24
Great service and the staff is very friendly and professional so I felt in the best possible hands with them as they are always there when needed. On top of that never felt they are waiting/looking for the minimum/small issue for charge you more which is something quite common in Thailand so I would say just for that I will always recommend this shop to any one ask me for it, definitely every time I need to rent a bike in Phuket will go straightaway with this shop
Abdelaziz AlazrakAbdelaziz Alazrak
09:56 02 Jun 24
Very professional staff very friendly and trustworthy. They always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The level of expertise and knowledge they possess is impressive. It’s clear that they take pride in their work and strive to provide the best service possible. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need.
All process of deal was very quick and friendly!Bike 🏍️ was perfect too. Almost new and beautiful.Price for one day was good too.So, it was really good and I highly recommended this rent a bike 🚗
James Richard WilliamJames Richard William
10:30 31 May 24
A very professional service with good quality bikes. The staff who attended to me upon and post rental were very service oriented. I will definitely return to Phuket and engage their services and rental bikes. I miss the bike already.
antonio knsantonio kns
14:35 10 May 24
We rent two Honda click 125cc for 10 days. They brought the scooters in our hotel. Both in excellent condition externally and mechanically. Steve and his team are great. For sure you can find same scooters little cheaper, but for sure with Steve, you won’t have any problems on returning the scooter, like what’s this little scratch here-it wasn’t there before-give me 2000bht. for repair or I’ll keep your deposit or passport, something common in Phuket.
Danny MDanny M
06:55 02 Apr 24
Great service and trustworthy. So easy to deal with using wattapp. No non-sense with delivery and pick up. Gave cash deposit and no issue getting back deposit on bike pickup. David was great in communicating everything. Highly recommend.
Anekah RussonAnekah Russon
14:56 28 Mar 24
Mark was fabulous to deal with!!!Very accomodating and helpful for local knowledgeScooters were great – nil issues at all!Loved not having to give over our precious passports!! Only a photo of them!The phone holders on the scooters were amazing too! Life savers on the trips!Wouldn’t go anywhere else to hire!
04:52 09 Mar 24
Good service and fast. Had bike delivered and picked up to my hotel for additional fee. Did not need to leave passport, only 5K deposit, which I quickly received back. Recommended.
Mousa AdelMousa Adel
15:33 01 Mar 24
Straight forward, everything was clearing rented 2 different motorbike totaling10 days.I highly recommend especially that you don’t need to leave your passport with them, you could pay deposit and get it back when turning the bike.Presses was simple and quick.
Ricky CampitelliRicky Campitelli
09:28 12 Jan 24
Highly recommend you use this company! Reliable, excellent customer service, no passport needed for a deposit just cash. These guys are leaps and shoulders above other rental companies in Phuket. I’ve been stung in the past on previous visits to Thailand with other rental shops so naturally was skeptical but I would use this company again and recommend to everyone. The reviews speak for themselves!
Viorel GaburViorel Gabur
11:20 01 Jan 24
Very good services. No passport was needed for the rental. I received the guarantee back, 3000 baht. I returned the scooter three hours late and was not charged for it. There was no need to take pictures of the pre-existing scratches before renting. The man there told me that I would not be charged for scratches. A big like.
07:52 01 Jan 24
Great rental experience with the team. Showed up without notice and they found me a bike within minutes. The return procedure was super smooth and they don’t hold your passports!
Awelina HeidenreichAwelina Heidenreich
16:08 20 Dec 23
We rent a scooter for several days and were every pleased with the service.The staff speaks English fluently, so the communication was very easy. We felt well advised and they really tried to build a trustworthy base. Also, they dealt with any request we had.Sure, it is pricier than other rental stations, but you can expect great service here.
Meth RuangwilaiMeth Ruangwilai
23:28 18 Dec 23
Steve and his crew (David) was incredibly accommodating with their services. The bikes were very well taken care of and everything was smooth.Got into a minor accident and Steve’s bike was covered with insurance, so I didn’t had to pay a single cent for the hospital bills.Highly recommended to rent from them because of their insurance, you’d never know when you need it!There’s no need for a passport deposit as well, everything is safe and I’ll make damn sure I’ll rent from them again whenever I’m back in Phuket!
Kyi Win TunKyi Win Tun
11:07 30 Nov 23
Nice serviceNo passport required.Just have to deposit based on the bike.I choose 155 cc scooter so have to pay B 5000. Rental is B 500 per day.They pay back my whole deposit so don’t worry about it.Highly recommended.
prakhar kapoorprakhar kapoor
16:58 08 Nov 23
Brilliant place to rent a scooter, Mark is very honest and genuine! The scooter was great and the return was super smooth!You might find other places in Patong that might be cheaper but for peace of mind I would highly recommend Motor bike rental station.
zahra R.Hzahra R.H
09:45 22 Oct 23
This motorbike rental is the best in whole thailand i can say, we have been in thailand for a month and been in many places but this place was the best peice, best customer service, fast reply, best english , totally our best experience in Thailand was having bike with these guys.
Sonicca MahendranSonicca Mahendran
01:30 24 Jul 23
We saw good reviews of this rental place and decided to rent our bike from here. True enough, the whole process was very fast, efficient & easy! They don’t keep your passport which is great cause a lot of the other bike places keeps your passport. Around 3000 baht was taken for deposit but you get it back after you return the bike. You also get to pick your helmets 🙂 We spoke to David & Mark. They both are super helpful & kind. Would definitely recommend this place ☺️
Wilfred ArranWilfred Arran
13:32 13 Jul 23
Had a close shave or two trying to rent a bike in Phuket, a lot of people trying to scam you or asking to sign dodgy paperwork. I rang this Rental Station Phuket and they spoke quite good English, very easy going and straight forward. The bike was great and took us everywhere we wanted to go reliably. Would highly recommend and would go back
Andrius AvižaAndrius Aviža
12:01 12 Apr 23
I would say THE BEST place to rent a scooter for everyone’s choices in Phuket (Patong)! No need to leave your ID (they just do the checks to ensure you’re right person). There’re many different scooters from small to powerfull and big one, like forza. I’ve rent Yamaha nmax 160ccm, pretty new, enough for two people. Staff answers and keeps in touch even after the shop is clossed. Communication was proffesional and fast! Personnaly i couldnt give it back on time, just wrote them on whatsapp, get perrmision and there was none problems. THEY EVEN DIDNT CHARGED ME FOR COUPLE OF HOURS BEING LATE! The owner is briliant person, have returned bike directlly to him, just checked if the tank is full and thats it – got my deposit back. Love you guys! Gonna be back and bring friends to you! Best wishes to your bussines 😇🥰😎
Ivan BobakIvan Bobak
06:21 06 Mar 23
Fantastic service, good price and the bikes were in good shape. They gave a good price since we took 3 bikes for two weeks, and had no problem with the extra day we needed them.Great communicsation so we will definetally rent our bikes here during our next visit 👍🏼
Alexploration -Alexploration –
02:33 23 Jan 23
Great shop. Great bikes. Great service. I rented 2 bikes for me and my parents. They were both strong and reliable. Steve and his staff are very friendly and helpful. They even helped to pick up and drop off bikes with me. They seem to do a 3 day minimum but they bent the rules a bit and let us ride for two days. Much appreciated. Highly recommended.
Mark CraigMark Craig
09:39 22 Jan 23
Renting here was a great experience! Unlike some of the other rental places in Phuket, they did not ask to keep my passport. I left a cash deposit instead. The bike felt well-maintained and safe. At one point during my 10 day long rental, the bright led headlamp died. I swung by, and they quickly switched me out for another bike. Mark in the shop was very helpful and professional. I had good communication via WhatsApp with Steve and David. I had initially only rented it for a week and was able to extend for a few extra days without even having to come in to the shop. I got my deposit back in full. This will be my first stop for bike rental in Phuket from now on.Total sidenote, and unrelated to the shop, the police will fine you for not wearing a helmet. The shop does provide them. Coming from the US I had picked up an international drivers license from AAA. Make sure you get it WITH a motorcycle endorsement. Police will also fine you for not having that motorcycle endorsement. Come prepared. Ride safe.
Paul HPaul H
10:48 16 Jan 23
Found Motorbike Rental Station on google maps and as they reviewed very well I thought I would give them a try.Showed up with no notice and they quickly found a bike for me.Everything was super straightforward, bike rental plus deposit (no passport needed), pick a helmet and off I went.Return was even easier. Bike was good and deposit was refunded, no nit picking.Pleasure to deal with and can highly recommend the team here.If you are heading out of town I recommend one of the slightly more powerful scooters. Passed quite a few base models when they struggled on the hills.
Robert HakalaRobert Hakala
04:07 07 Sep 22
I had an amazing experience with both – the motorbike rental company as well as with the motorbike itself. I do recommend to rent the bigger 300cc bike, especially if you want to explore all beaches and view sightings. Phuket is a hilly area and you would be surprised how steep the hills can get. The 300cc bike easily carried me – full grown man + my girlfriend.The motorbike rental company was very flexible. Able to deliver the bike to my hotel within 15 mins after the initial contact and then pick up the bike after the business hours for my convenience.Last, but not least – got chance to meet the owner. An american guy who knows what is a customer service standard in western world, one of few companies offers also an insurance and just overall experience is telling you this is an honest family business, which deserves to grow and takes a great care of their customers.Attaching a picture from one of the hill climbs using the 300cc bike.
Marina JauchMarina Jauch
03:51 07 Sep 22
We rented two scooters here for 9 days. There was a serious contract and an introduction to using the scooters. In addition, it was possible to take out insurance. There were also enough helmets available, from which we could choose a suitable one. We ended up having the scooters picked up from our hotel which was great. We can warmly recommend this scooter rental company. 🙂
Andrew CooperAndrew Cooper
01:54 06 Sep 22
Steve and his team are simply brilliant when it comes to service, price, and range. I rented a scooter for around three weeks, chose the Yamaha N-Max. I’m a bigger guy and found the 155cc quire good. I visited many places and found some really remote beaches tucked away down the back roads. If you are a motorcyclist then you’ll never regret hiring a scooter here in Patong. Scooters provide greater freedom to explore. Just be sensible, particularly in the wet. Look out for sandy surfaces. I strongly recommend you have an international driver’s licence or if your from Asia, check you licensing requirements. The Thai police will fine you and they pop up in random areas. Whilst the fines aren’t high, they stack up if you get fined a few times. Have fun, be safe, but definitely use this place as your go to place for renting a motorcycle.About me:I’m Australian, 45 years old, motorcyclist back home.
09:27 04 Sep 22
Do you know how hard it is to get 4.9 stars? I rented a motorbike here twice during my stay because of the reviews and both the staff and bike were awesome as well as the price. They went above and beyond and have great bikes. This is the only way to truly experience the island. Be sure to get the international drivers license before you get to Thailand because you need that and to wear your helmet to avoid police fines. Taxis are expensive and the island is large….rent a bike for about $8 a day from these guys.
zaid alamzaid alam
16:51 23 Aug 22
As a tourist you always worry if your are getting a good deal or getting ripped off. So let me set it straight, if you are in Phuket(in the Patong area) don’t bother looking else where, these guys are awesome. Rented a really nice Yamaha Aerox and it’s was awesome!!! Spoke to Steve(I think he is the owner) and I walked over to the shop(they do offer delivery) and rented the scooter for 3 days. David was there at the shop when I got there(he was super nice to talk to and answered all my questions… I had a lot of em), he was transparent and give me the dos and Donts. And the icing on the cake was that I extended the rental by about 3 hours(which is suppose to be 50 bhats per hour) and they didn’t even charge me! Really good bikes, and more importantly realllly good customer service! I’ll definitely be back again the next time I am in Phuket!!! And a special shout out to David for being polite, professional and giving some solid advice!!!
Mert AkyüzMert Akyüz
08:36 21 Aug 22
In a word, magnificent. The bikes are beautiful,new model and well maintained. Absolutely no cheats and any bad games, everything is as true as the friend told. You can go and rent a motorcycle without hesitation. 😌Also, David is a very cool friend, he is very good at English, definitely look no further. 💪🏻Now whenever I go, I’m there. Thank you mate for the great experience.🤞Always wear your helmet and follow the rules. Happy holidays everyone!🍀
Seda aydanSeda aydan
08:00 13 Aug 22
If u visit Phuket, the first thing to do should be renting a motorbike from this place. They are very kind and helpful. They are trustworthy and help u out all the time. Steve is very good at finding quick solutions to problems. He offers good deals as well. Thank u Steve!
06:46 03 Aug 22
Friendly and reliable staff (David)Who is owner (Steve) gave me a rental at a reasonable price.The only insurance service in Phuket to prepare for accidents . i fell very safety and satisfied. When I go to Phuket again, I will visit again to use the reliable highly recommend .Thank you very much and hope tosee you
07:01 01 Aug 22
I had a great experience with motorbike rental station during my trip on Phuket island and I think they deserve a 5 star rating. I have rent a Aerox 155 for 8 days. Steve and David did a free delivery to my hotel lobby even though the hotel is out of their defined zone of free delivery.Everything went out smoothly. The bike itself is very new. I did a quick check before I took the bike. Brake is working great(which is very important because you will have to deal with a lot of steep slopes and sharp turns on the island), mileage is under 10K km, engine is running stable throughout my trips. I would like to recommend the shop to everyone who is interested in renting a motorbike and riding on the island. I would definitely rent from them next time I fly to Phuket also.Both boss and staffs are very friendly and kind, they don’t hold your passports so don’t worry about it. Return process is also very smooth and I get my deposit back in full because they are being very honest.So… 5 stars and strongly recommended!!!!!
08:26 28 Jul 22
Look no further than this place for your scooter needs. They have a great array of excellently running Scoots and really easy check in and out. They will come and pick up your scoot if needed. Pick a Helmet that fits, and off you go. This place also offers insurance at a reasonable price. Most scooters are quite new.
Shawn YeoShawn Yeo
11:25 09 Jul 22
Hassle free. They delivered the bike right to my hotel doorsteps. The bike was clean and in pristine condition. No squeaky brakes, throttle was smooth and their helmets look really cool. Overall I’m very satisfied with the service. Oh yes, they speak fluent English too.
Josef BilekJosef Bilek
11:10 04 Jun 22
I had an awesome experience with Motorbike Rental Station and if I ever need a bike in Phuket I’ll comeback here. I used one of their scooters for my travels around the island and I didn’t have a slightest issue or problem with it. Staff in the office is very friendly professional and nothing is problem for them. They are really honest and trustworthy people and their bikes absolutely reliable.
09:54 29 Apr 22
5 stars for sure, both of them very nice and speak very well English. They able to do delivery and pick up for you. As my flight timing was abit out of their business operation hours. They take an extra step to help me. this kind of service should well deserve a 5 stars rating. Those visiting Phuket from Singapore and Malaysia , you should try it out. Their Bike is very new and stable. Price is very reasonable , and they don’t hold your passport too. No worries about your deposit guys, they are very honest and kind.
Rob FinnertyRob Finnerty
10:49 21 Apr 22
Great guy to deal with. Really friendly and gave me the bike that suited best. By far the best bike rental service I have dealt with. Dropped to hotel and picked up early when we had a change of plans. Highly recommended
16:22 05 Mar 22
I highly recommend this shop.We rented Honda Clicks for 2 weeks, the bikes were great, with a phone holder and additional box, very practical. We booked online, the communication was great, the bikes were brought to the hotel and picked up. No passports as a deposit, that’s the way it has to be.Mei Sin and Steve, thank you very much for your great service, you made our stay in Phuket even better. We wish you all the best for your future, both professionally and privately. If we come back, then also to you.With best regards and wishes from the whole Ott family from Germany

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Now, the only company in Phuket, offering optional Motorbike Damage Rental Insurance.